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Afzal Shad, Teacher in Islamabad

Afzal Shad

The job of a professional teacher is to help students learn. Teacher teach in schools/colleges and universities  and make learning exciting. Think as friendly experts who guide students on their journey of gaining knowledge. Great teacher is patient, kind, and always ready to explain things. Teacher really care about their students and want them to do well. So, being a professional teacher is like having a fantastic friend who helps you get smarter and become the best you can be. Available for the students of Rawalpindi & Islamabad who can join me at Benchmark GTR campus, near Bahria Phase 4, Islamabad. Soon, you will see us in Bahria Phase 7 as well for the face 2 face sessions.

Name: Afzal Shad

Qualification: Masters

District: Islamabad (Capital)

Specialization: CCMA (UK), B,Ed (Secondary Education), Cambridge Certified A Level Business Teacher

Teaching Sector: Private

Institute Name: Benchmark College, Islamabad

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