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The Explosives Act, 1884

The Explosives Act, 1884 is one of the oldest Law in Pakistan.

The Explosives Act, 1884, which applies in Pakistan, is a critical piece of legislation designed to regulate the manufacturing, possession, use, sale, and transportation of explosives. It is essential for safeguarding public safety and security. By regulating the explosives industry, the Explosives Act aims to prevent accidents, unauthorized usage, and potential threats to public safety. This act establishes stringent guidelines for obtaining licenses and permits for activities related to explosives and sets specific safety standards for handling, storage, and transport. It is a significant tool in Pakistan’s legal framework to ensure the responsible use of explosives and to protect citizens and property from harm while enabling industries that rely on these materials to operate safely and efficiently.

You can download The Explosives Act, 1884 in PDF Format, Link Below:-


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