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The Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883

The Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883 is one of the oldest Law in Pakistan.

The Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883 in Pakistan is a crucial legal framework that serves to boost agricultural development and the enhancement of agricultural land. Under this act, landowners and cultivators are provided with loans to fund various land improvement initiatives, including drainage, irrigation, and the reclamation of land. The act also includes provisions to protect the interests of borrowers, ensuring they are not subjected to unfair practices and exorbitant interest rates. These loans are essential for the modernization of agriculture and the increase in land productivity. By regulating the granting and management of these loans, the government plays a key role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting the rural economy in Pakistan.

You can download The Land Improvement Loans Act, 1883 in PDF Format, Link Below:-


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